Exploring Topics for 20% Time

First, I googled technology and learning to find possible interesting topics. I found an article on technology enhanced learning. That article didn’t look interesting to me so I found an interesting site about connecting technology and student learning. This caught my eye because it gave details about benefits of technology and learning. I only found a minimal amount of interesting information on that topic so I googled charter schools and the benefits of attending a charter school versus a public school.

Since charter schools have been in the news and was on the ballot last year in GA, the topic of charter schools in general interests me. I researched a similar topic in a previous Political Science class last Fall where I gathered data on charter schools vs. public schools success based on graduation test scores across the United States. I found that both charter schools and public schools success correlate quite similarly based on graduation test scores.

The benefits of learning in charter schools interests me because the amendment got passed in GA and since I found that the data correlated similarly, I wondered why charter schools are more beneficial in learning. So, the learning benefits of attending a charter school is my topic. What makes charter schools have a better quality education than a public school education?


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