Exploring the Benefits of Attending a Charter School

Today during my 20% time, I wanted to explore the web and see if there was a lot of available statistics for the benefits of attending a charter school. I simply googled the benefits of attending a charter school and a ton of articles came up. First, I found a study done that showed the benefits that students gain from charter schools and it described it, as well as laid it out on a statistical chart with percentages, which I liked. The data was the performance of charter schools compared to their local markets and measured by percentages in reading and math of significantly worse, not significant and significantly better. Then, I found an interesting article by the American Charter School Development that gave the top 5 benefits of a charter school, which could very well be bias but it simply listed the top 5 benefits based on a parents perspective and what they expect when they send their child to a charter school. Some interesting aspects in the article were that the classroom sizes are smaller for one on one time with teachers, they offer distance learning for courses the school may not offer, they have more flexibility on how they spend their resources and they allow students to focus on special interest subjects. I thought all these benefits were interesting so I googled further. Finally, I found an awesome study by Caroline Hoxby that compared charter school benefits to public school benefits. The study compares many different state charter schools. The article is pretty long so I look forward to reading it carefully and I think it will benefit my project the most. Fortunately, I have found many different resources related to my topic and I feel more at ease about being able to find useful resources for my project. The video attached is about Caroline Hoxby’s take on the benefits of charter schools that emphasizes more on the study by her I will be reading!


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