Exploring Blogs Related to My Topic

USA Today posted a blog in April 2013 about the benefits of charter schools at KIPP Academy in Washington which is very similar to my topic. USA Today emphasized that school days are longer, grading is more difficult and expectations from students are higher. However, charter schools have high quality teachers who are capable of helping students achieve a high quality education.

This helps answer my question of why charter schools are considered to establish a “better” education as they campaigned for in Georgia for the 2012 election. USA Today also mentioned that charter schools are beneficial to students who currently attend public schools that are struggling to stay open.

USA Today also mentions that students have higher scores in math, science, social studies and reading. Now, I would like to explore the tactics, or possibly technology, charter school teachers use in the classroom to improve students ability to learn.

For more information on the USA Today blog referenced above, follow this link


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