Researching Secrets Behind Charter Schools

Professor Thomas sent me a link to an article by Sarah Morgan on SmartMoney about what charter schools will not tell you about their success and how they work. I was very interested in this article because it was exactly what my topic is about because it explains the hidden secrets of charter school benefits and explains the things charter schools will not tell you. It listed some things charter schools do not mention about the teachers specifically that I did not know about, some teachers are not certified teachers.

I found this interesting because in Caroline Hoxby’s article I blogged about the other day, mentioned teachers were better and they benefit students because they are more qualified to help children learn. I also found it interesting that the article listed charter schools are basically the same as public schools because as I blogged before, one benefit of a charter school was that they provide a “better” education to students. Now I will explore more on the differences of charter schools compared to public schools and hopefully discover certain aspects that set each of them apart when comparing the quality of a students’ education for both.

Click here to view the article referenced above.


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