Congressman Doug Collins Responded!

Earlier this week I received a response from Congressman Collins’ office when his secretary informed me that I would soon get a call from Mr. Collins’ event planner. About 30 minutes later, I received a call from Ms. Thompson, Mr. Collins’ event planner. She asked for my email address and we then exchanged emails about what my study is about and what the interview with Mr. Collins would consist of. I explained the details and sent her an attachment of the questions I intended to ask at the interview. Ms. Thompson emailed me back and said Mr. Collins would answer each question thoroughly and she would get it back to me as soon as possible. I have not yet received the answered questions from Mr. Collins as of today.

Understandably, I will not be able to meet with Mr. Collins because he has such a busy schedule. However, verbatim responses to my questions from Mr. Collins is just as good in my opinion! I cannot wait to receive his feedback and use it in my study. It will be so helpful to have an actual politicians point of view on this topic of social media and politics.

To further my research, I found two more very interesting articles. The first is Using Social Media in Your Campaign by Joe Garecht, that explained since we have the joys of social media today, campaigns do not really need email lists and websites. Social media has taken the place of those things and especially with easier access and communication with voters. I specifically liked this article the most of all the articles I have read because Garecht gave a list of how to successfully use social media in campaigns, very similar to the topic in this study. I will use this article the most as a reference throughout my study.

The second article I read was Political Campaigns and Social Media – Tweeting Their Way into Office by Laura Jerpi. This article was about how critical it is for campaigners to use social media during their campaigns. Chris Saad mentioned that instead of voters looking for “the best smile or makeup” in a politician, they are now looking for a politicians’ connection with their  followers on social media networks. I thought it was interesting Jerpi mentioned that politicians use social media mostly for feedback from their followers by doing Q&A’s. This ties in with why there are more young voters voting since politicians have used social media. However, Jerpi mentioned that social media is a “small glitch” and politicians will soon go back to using their campaign sites because they are more valuable to a politicians campaign and career.

I agree with everything in both articles except for where Ms. Jerpi mentioned that social media is a “small glitch” for politicians. I believe that politics and technology will only grow and I truly doubt politicians will replace social media with their campaign sites in the future. I think social media is so easy to use that it will only get more popular and continue to benefit politicians in their campaigns and careers.

I am patiently waiting for a response from Congressman Collins and as soon as I get one I will be blogging about it! Hopefully it will be very soon! 🙂


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