Concluding Social Media and Politics

Unfortunately, I did not receive the interview questions back from Congressman Collins yet so that I could include them in my research. However, I hope to get them back soon and add the information I obtain from Mr. Collins to my guide I created for this study. I regret I did not have a sufficient amount of time to add in Mr. Collins view.

In conclusion, I learned a ton about the benefits of social media and how beneficial it is to potential politicians as well as everyone else. There are so many ways social media can be used beneficially such as, candidates conduct Q&A’s through social media for personal voter insight which I did not know about previously. I also found it interesting that candidates use social media to poke fun at the opposing candidates, which lures more voters, especially the young voter population. Obtaining the young voter population is very important for candidates because prior to their legal voting age, young people can become interested in politics and learn about the importance of having their own personal view when election time rolls around.

Speaking of the young voter population, many young people do not realize how important it is to maintain clean social media. Starting at a young age is the most beneficial way to keep your social life clean and will make my Guide to Clean Social Media a breeze to follow. I feel like it is super important to maintain a clean social life in order to benefit everyone, especially yourself in the future. Inappropriate posts or pictures can create unwanted definitions of a persons lifestyle that is unnecessary and can occasionally be offensive to others as well. I explain in step by step detail why these things are important in my Guide. Originally, I was going to focus my Guide on politicians using social media, but it seemed more logical to focus it on politicians and everyone else because the issue of inappropriate uses in social media today is continually increasing.

I have successfully concluded my first ever independent study at the University of Georgia! This has been such a wonderful experience and I would do it all over again because I have learned so much about social media and politics, as well how to maintain a clean social network. I encourage everyone who has never had the opportunity to conduct an independent study, to do one on something that interests you before you graduate.

Happy Networking! 🙂


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