Our First Pregnancy – Weeks 7 & 8!

After week 6, I started feeling a little more normal day by day. I still had to be careful and eat saltines crackers as soon as my eyes opened in the mornings. But, by the end of week 7 the nausea and heartburn subsided and my diet was getting back to normal. I’m still super tired and we still go to bed at 8 pm or 9pm every night!

Week 8 finally came and we got to see this little nugget growing so rapidly inside of me! Doc changed my due date from April 10, 2016 to April 8, 2015 based on the length of Baby. Baby’s heart rate was 171 and super strong. Doc said the pregnancy should be a great one. There’s nothing like hearing that little heartbeat and knowing everything is ok!

My diet has finally (slowly) got back to normal and I can eat all my favorite healthy recipes again!

Workouts are slim to none at the moment. I tried the gym on a few different occasions and I kept getting light headed and felt crummy. I’m having to slowly make my way back in there as I hope to be working out full force by the second trimester!

Current cravings: ranch dressing (on everything!), fruit, and cereal (and drinking the milk, which I never used to do!)


Yay for Preggies!



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