Our First Pregnancy – 6 weeks!

This week was a bit of a struggle. Morning sickness hit me full force a few days before 6 weeks and carried on through the week. Mostly, the sickness felt like heartburn/indigestion/nausea/gasey all in one. I never threw up though!

It wasn’t very pleasant but, now it has dissapated and I am starting to feel normal at the first of 7 weeks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t work out in week 6 because I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed without hurling. My diet was basically whatever I could get down but it mostly consisted of plain bread, cereal, small unseasoned snacks and anything that didn’t smell very strong. Anything could turn my stomach and I just felt so iffy. I’m trying to ease my way back in to the gym and I’m hoping to start having cravings for some yummy new foods soon!

We can’t wait for our first ultrasound in a week to see our sweet baby! All the sickness is well worth it as long as Baby is healthy and happy. 🙂

Keep me and Baby Patt in your prayers! 🙂

Yay for Preggies!



Intro to Our First Pregnancy – 5 weeks!

Now that Brad and I have found out we are pregnant for the first time and are soooo excited, I thought I would start a blog documenting this amazing journey step-by-step!

I am feeling great so far – minus the exhaustion that comes each night at about 8pm and Brad thinks I’m a dud.

My cravings consist of spicy foods (lots of them) and randomly, hard-boiled eggs.

I exercised daily before I was pregnant and my doctor encouraged me to continue doing exactly what I was doing before. Which was such a relief because I am IN LOVE with fitness and nutrition. To my surprise, it is supposed to benefit me and the baby! My workout today was full of cardio and some lighter weights:

Cardio = 15 min on elliptical (average jog speed)

Arm day:

  1. Machine Bicep Extension = 3 sets of 15 reps with 30lbs.
  2. Hammer curls = 3 sets of 15, 12, 10 with 2 15lb dumbbells.
  3. Tricep Rope Pushdown = 3 sets of 15 (50lbs), 12 (55lbs), 10 (60lbs) – pyramid method.
  4. Machine Tricep Extension = 3 sets of 15 with 30lbs.
  5. Barbell Curl Cable Extension = 3 sets of 10, 10, 8 with 30lbs.


Breakfast = Pineapple Kale Green Smoothie (handful of kale, handful of frozen pineapple chunks, 8oz of coconut water, 1/4 of an avocado) + Snickerdoodle Toaster Strudel (sounded yummy)

Morning Snack = handful of chopped dates

Lunch = Hot turkey and cheese on whole grain toast with olive mayo and a dab of dijon mustard + small Kale salad with garlic onion crunchies, turkey bacon bits, shredded cheese, and thousand island dressing (just a little).

Afternoon Snack = Peach Yogurt Smoothie (handful of frozen peaches, 1/2c of coconut milk, 2tbsp plain yogurt, drizzle of honey topped with sprinkle of coconut sugar) + mozz string cheese.

Dinner = One Pan Taco Skillet + Chips & Salsa/Cheese Dip.

After Dinner Snack = 1c Frozen Yogurt – Moose Tracks.

In the bed by 10pm (only because of school!)